Urban Coyote Talk with Audubon Conservation Director

Urban Coyote Talk with Audubon Conservation Director

Monday November 16th 6:30-7:15pm

 Coyotes have become established in Gresham neighborhoods just as they have become established in many urban areas across the United States. Some people are happy to see these wild dogs while others are concerned about conflicts.

 Come learn about urban coyotes with Audubon Conservation Director, Bob Sallinger. Bob has been working on coyote issues in the Metro Region for more than two decades and will provide information on why they are here, coyote biology and natural history, and how to prevent and resolve conflicts. A 30 minute presentation will be followed by time for questions and discussion.


Coyote Talk with Audubon Flyer EL

November Bird Walk – 9am Saturday November 14th

 Join Friends of Nadaka and the Audubon Society of Portland for our monthly guided Bird Walks at Nadaka Nature Park.

This is a family friendly event open to beginners and advance bird watchers. If you have your own binoculars great! If not we will have some for you to borrow! This event will help you brush up on your birding basics and identification.

Meet us at the picnic structure Saturday November 14th at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there!

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