SOLVE Cleanup a Success at Nadaka

The SOLVE Cleanup at Nadaka on Saturday, Sept. 28th was outstanding. In spite of the weather we had 57 volunteers for a total of 123 volunteer hours.  . Volunteers came from Wells Fargo Bank, Sam Barlow High School and The Center for Advanced Learning as well as the neighborhood.
Because of the bad weather SOLVE had for the first time ever cancelled their Beach and Riverside Cleanup on the 28th.  Lucky for us their inland cleanups remained scheduled even though rain was predicted. Their Beach and Riverside Cleanup has been rescheduled for October 12th and October 26th.  Check the SOLVE website to register for one of those cleanups.
All the weeds were removed from the future community garden and it looks great.
Jazzy Bagel of Gresham furnished delicious bagels for the volunteers.

Check out the gallery for more photographs of the SOLVE event.

Nadaka Master Plan Approved by Gresham City Council

On December 18, 2012 the Gresham City Council unanimously approved the proposed revisions to the Nadaka Neighborhood Park Master Plan.  Thank you City Council.  And thanks to MIG, the Project Committee and the City staff for all the work in helping to craft the new plan and preparing and making the presentation.  Lee Dayfield joined the City staff in the presentation to City Council.

This Master Plan will guide work and activities, including creating a community garden, building pathways, installing a nature based play area and constructing a picnic shelter.  You can view the Nadaka Master Plan here.