Welcome Back Vulture Day – Saturday March 19th 12-3pm

Welcome Back Vulture Day Is Coming to Nadaka Nature Park and St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church!

Did you notice you only see Turkey Vultures in the metropolitan area in the spring and summer? That’s because they migrate to warmer climates in the winter, but it’s time to welcome them back. We’re lucky to still have good populations of Turkey Vultures in Oregon.   Around the world vultures are facing hazards in the wild and their numbers are dwindling. As “Nature’s Recyclers,” they play an important role in reducing disease—and it’s up to us to help

Welcome Back Vulture Day is filled with fun and educational activities:

  • Meet Ruby, Portland Audubon’s Turkey Vulture, up close (along with many of Audubon’s other education birds)
  • Compare your “wingspan” to that of a California Condor
  • Make a crafted vulture and mask
  • Play “Upchuck Chuck!”
  • Learn fun vulture facts
  • Find out the differences between Old and New World vultures
  • Discover why vultures are important

Date & Time: Free Event, Saturday, March 19th 12-3pm

Location: Nadaka Nature Park and St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church 17405 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97230

 Parking: St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church parking lot next to Nadaka Nature Park located at 17405 NE Glisan Street Gresham, OR 97230.

Welcome Back Vulture Day 2013 - Tinsley HunsdorferA young visitor meets a vulture puppet at Portland Audubon’s Welcome Back Vulture Day event – Tinsley Hunsdorfer