Evolving Plans For Nadaka Nature Park and Garden

Several designs for Nadaka Nature Park & Garden predated the design we have today. After purchasing Nadaka Open Space in 2009, the City of Gresham did a master plan in 2001 (Image 1). This plan would have required developing some of the natural area for recreational facilities and accessing Glisan street through private property. In 2008-2009 the Friends of Nadaka and Trust for Public brokered the acquisition/donation of the Nelson Property (Image 1) with funding from Metro and EMSWCD. In 2009, the City did a conceptual master plan for the newly public Nelson property (Image 2) and access was opened up to the south and to Rockwood Neighborhood. Finally, in 2012, the Friends of Nadaka, Columbia Slough Watershed Council, and the City of Gresham worked together with landscape architects MIG to revise the 2009 master plan with new information and create construction documents (Image 3).

Image 1 – 2001 Nadaka Master Plan

Image 2 – 2009 Nadaka Neighborhood Park Master Plan for the Nelson Property.

2012 Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Preferred Redesign. The Community Garden was relocated to the portion of the site that receives the most sunlight during the growing season.