Friends of Nadaka was Awarded the GREAT Businesses Certification!

We are excited to announce that Friend of Nadaka was awarded the GREAT Business Certification this past summer!

Below is a description of and link to the GREAT Business program. Be sure to join them for their monthly Green Coffee Hour to learn more about sustainable businesses around town!

                                                          GREAT Businesses

  • The Gresham Resource Efficiency Assistance To (GREAT) Businesses program helps businesses conserve natural resources, protect the local environment and help the bottom line.
  • Schedule a consultation with a GREAT Businesses program educator or have free resources delivered to you.

    GREAT benefits

    Call us today to set up a site visit and be one of the City’s many GREAT Businesses.

    • Site visit to tour your business and ask questions
    • Identify energy and money-saving opportunities
    • Resource efficiency recommendations will be provided
    • We create environmental strategies tailored to your business needs
    • We provide water saving devices, recycling boxes, and educational materials
    • We can help you find services for hard-to-recycle items such as computers, toner, batteries, etc.

    GREAT Business Coffee Hour

    Join us on the last Wednesday of the month to network, tour a GREAT sustainable business and share ideas to bolster our green community.

    Environmental strategies

    We look for ways to help you conserve, save money and become a GREAT member of the community. We tailor business strategies in the following areas:

    • Recycling, waste reduction, and composting
    • Water conservation and wastewater management
    • Energy conservation
    • Pollution reduction to local streams and rivers (stormdrain resources)
    • Alternative transportation options
    • Food donation
    • Small business grants
    • Waste-free events

    GREAT recognition

    Be recognized for utilizing resources wisely.  Three award options for GREAT Businesses.

    • Recycling Certified Business
    • GREAT Recycler Award
    • GREAT Businesses Award

    This award is available to businesses that complete the five steps of the business recycling practices. For example, these businesses are:

    • Setting up recycling containers with clear signage
    • Training employees on what is recyclable

    Eligible businesses receive a window cling decal and a logo for their website.